Silicon Valley’s Global Role

Silicon Valley has long been in the news as the beacon of technological innovation.  From semiconductors to iPads and tablets, the valley is constantly undergoing a constant metamorphosis to higher levels of sophistication.

But the global economy is shifting to developing nations, which lack the resources, governance and talent available in Silicon Valley.  How can they connect with the valley to develop their companies and industries?  How can Silicon Valley companies, especially small firms, tap into these burgeoning markets?

Silicon Valley venture capitalists (VCs) are spreading their wings in China, India and other new markets, but their overall clout is minimal.  There are millions of entrepreneurs and startups seeking funding and help so they need a new model of development, which relies more on bottom-up networking that leverages the Internet and mobile phones, not just top-down funding from the West.

This site is the beginning of this transition to a new model of industrial development that bridges top-down Silicon Valley VC thinking with bottom-up entrepreneurship around the world.

In this new global era, Silicon Valley can play several critical roles:

– Inspiration and a source of ideas about emerging technologies and businesses

– A market for outside companies seeking to break into the U.S. market

– A source of business and engineeering talent with global connections and experience

– A funding source through its VCs and angels

– A sounding board for foreign companies who want feedback of their business ideas and models

– A launch pad for companies going global

– A training ground for new entrepreneurs

– A global networking hub linked by the Internet and smartphones

– And many new roles that will emerge in the coming years

We welcome you to join us in this journey to redefine Silicon Valley’s role in the global economy.  In this century, it is no longer Silicon Valley operating apart from the world, but more tightly linked with emerging regions.  Our mission is to define and create this Global Silicon Valley.


One thought on “Silicon Valley’s Global Role

  1. Great vision and roll-out, Sheridan! We at NewComm Global/CONNECT-SV share your view and look forward to working together to create new opportunities for communication, community, opportunities and revenues, given your unique background and strengths. Thanks for your leadership here. A toast to y/our success and that of all the new entrepreneurs we will meet and support as a result. Well done, Sheridan! We are most fortunate to have you and SVGN.

    – Lucie

    Lucie Newcomb
    President & CEO
    CONNECT-SV/The NewComm Global Group, Inc.

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