Social TV Landscape Cluttered

The fast-growing social TV market is attracting a plethora of new players trying to leverage Facebook and other social media platforms.  The latest players in the game:

Yahoo’s acquired social TV startup IntoNow and a long list of apps (both from startups and larger companies).

Philo, which started by letting viewers share with friends by “checking-in” to TV shows, but is shifting from becoming a consumer social network and toward its brand marketing services.

GetGlue, whose investors include Union Square Ventures and Time Warner Investments, allows users to check-in to movies, TV, books, music, etc. It claims 1.4 million users and 9 million check-ins in July.

Miso claims 200,000 viewers.

Umami has raised $1.65 million in seed funding from Battery Ventures, NEA and other angels for its social TV platform. Like Miso and GetGlue, Umami provides TV viewers with a second screen experience to television content, adds contextual content around the programs viewers are watching, and offers a platform for networks to engage with consumers.

Zeebox in London, operating in stealth as “tBone”, raised $5 million in seed funds in June.

Zazum’s SeeLoveBuy™ mobile app makes TV instantly shoppable using iPhones.

There are dozens or hundreds more social TV startups and apps coming to post updates below to keep everyone up to date.


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