My New E-book: “In the Valley of Digital Dreams” about Silicon Valley

What was it like growing up in Silicon Valley?  How did the valley evolve?  What is it like working for tech companies and startups?  After all these years, I finally decided to write my insider stories about Silicon Valley, which has been a lot of fun and continues to this day:

What struck me most were the vivid emotions and memories that writing it brought back, almost like time travel.  I recalled peering over the vast farmland of “The Valley of the Heart’s Delight”, as Silicon Valley was called then, and riding my bike along quiet country lanes. Then the boom triggered by NASA’s Apollo Project and the Vietnam War and the rocket ride of Apple Computer and the chip companies. From farmland to high tech in one decade!

Guy Kawasaki wrote an introduction nicely capturing the flavor of my book:

“This book is different. It’s a collection of stories about growing up and working in the valley told from a no-BS, honest-to-God-I-was-there perspective.  In Hawaii, there is a “talk story” tradition where we sit around and swap stories about friends, families and events that mean something to us. It’s informal, fun, and mostly told in local pidgin. That’s how Sheridan wrote this book.”

“If you want to hear “talk story” about the valley, dig in and enjoy these tales. They’re genuine insider stories that will make you laugh, wonder and scratch your head with amazement. After all, this is Silicon Valley where anything can and does happen.”

Thanks, Guy!   We’re bros together — you the island boy and me the mainland “kotonk”.

If you want to read about “My Amazing Conversation with Michael Dell,” a chapter in this e-book, check it out.   Like me, you’ll be totally blown away.

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One thought on “My New E-book: “In the Valley of Digital Dreams” about Silicon Valley

  1. How does one describe the Silicon Valley?A city-state(?) that breeds bleeding-edge technology,a crucible of innovation or the Holy-Grail for the geek?No matter how we capture it in a description,the hallmark of Silicon Valley is its awesome potential to teach entrepreneurs the difference between failing forwards and failing backwards.

    In his book,Sheridan Tatsuno elaborates about the culture and the essence of Silicon Valley.His book separates fact from fiction,and provides its readers with undigested information about what it means to live and to thrive in the Valley.

    As a veteran and experienced strategist,Tatsuno has immense tacit knowledge about his domain…Being familiar with both the Oriental and Occidental cultures,his vantage point can offer the readers invaluable insights that few in the Valley can boast of.Tatsuno’s clear-eyed realism is indeed commendable.

    “In the Valley of Digital Dreams” is an irrefutably indispensable piece of work…it’s ultimately about the stuff that dreams are made of.Can you afford to ignore it?

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