Dreamscape Global Projects

Dreamscape Global shifted its focus from Europe and Japan during the last six months due to the slowdowns there.  Currently, I’m consulting to companies and co-launching tech startups in Silicon Valley:

-aFire online video monetization service, with a former Sony Pictures executive.  We’re launching a demo soon and raising seed funding.

-Jobssy.com is a job matching service in Madrid, Spain, which I’m helping to enter the U.S. and Latin America.  We’re seeking U.S. sales reps who want to test the demo for our U.S. release in September.

-TruNorth is a mobile apps startup initially planning to offer corporate sales training, but will expand into other areas.

-Silicon Valley Global Network (www.siliconvalleyglobalnetwork.com) is a site to help entrepreneurs succeed.  We have active Facebook groups:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/109971182359978/ (news); http://www.facebook.com/groups/109971182359978/#!/SiliconValleyGlobalNetwork (deals)

-Yokohama Global Station – With DEFTA Partners in San Francisco, I’m developing curriculum to train Japanese corporate managers in intrapreneurship. Since 1983, I’ve advised 100 Japaneses tech companies in English and Japanese so I’m familiar with their challenges and dynamics. 

I’m a serial entrepreneur.  Since 2000, I’ve helped raise $10 million for 7 startups. One survived and went public last month (Audience Inc. in Mountain View, California), so my goal is to get these new startups all funded and growing.

My passion is screenwriting and filmmaking, so I’m co-launching two media projects:

– Irish in Silicon Valley, with Shyama Sachi

– “Tiger Ladies” fashion comedy movie and transmedia project in San Francisco:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Tiger-Ladies/235386729849664

It’s a lot to handle, but each project takes time so I’m able to juggle them by moving quickly. In fact, I usually have to wait for them to catch up with me since I move in minutes.

Check out my new e-book about Silicon Valley and let me know what you think:  http://svgnetwork.com



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