Malmo Sustainable Cities 2016

My VR startup, One Reality (, will staff the booth of Copenhagen Malmo Port (CMP), our first client which is using our VR system to visualize, plan and design its new port in the south, at the upcoming #Malmo #Sustainable #Cities 2016 conference in #Sweden.

Despite newly-elect president Donald Trump’s denial of climate change, Sweden and other countries are moving ahead quickly to dominate the emerging clean tech market, which is being driven by sustainable cities initiatives and investments.  Cities consume 80% of energy and emit 60%+ of carbons so we will win or lose the carbon battle in the cities during the next few decades, Trump notwithstanding.

Here are some background articles about the role of cities in the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which was recently signed:

“Cities: The New Battleground of Climate Change” by @statsuno on @LinkedIn

“Mayors Accelerate Sustainable City Plans” by @statsuno on @LinkedIn

“Virtual Cities:  The Era of 2D/3D Design ” by @statsuno on @LinkedIn

“Connected Sustainable Cities & VR UI/UX Design” by @statsuno on @LinkedIn

“Live or Die by Your 3D On-Demand UI/UX” by @statsuno on @LinkedIn

I realize this is a lot of reading, but I thought it would be useful for the coming debates over climate change, which will be do-or-die decisions that will affect our future on earth. It’s not something to be taken lightly.  Indeed, the Native Americans always taught their youth to “think of the seventh generation hence.”  What type of world do you want for yourselves and your descendents?   What role do you want to play in this grand drama?  The choice is yours; I just wanted to provide you with some insights and tools for positive change.

Sheridan Tatsuno, San Francisco



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