Silicon Valley Global Network (SVGN) is partnering with various projects around the world:

VR Sustainable Cities:  A VR platform with tools and open APIs to enable cities and citizens to design, plan and monitor their sustainability programs.

Oresund Open Innovation:  This group promotes entrepreneurship and sustainability in the Copenhagen-Malmo-Lund (Oresund) region.

RENAISSANCE: SF – Facebook forum and monthly salons to promote collaboration among artists, filmmakers, transmedia creators and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SF Bay Fashion + Film:  This group promotes collaboration between San Francisco’s fashion, tech and filmmaking communities in order to create jobs:

Zorba the Entrepreneur &   This group and company promote entrepreneurship in Greece in order to create badly-needed jobs in food, tourism, fashion, and culture.

The Meraki People:   This community is developing 24 eco-villages in the Mount Parnonas region south of Athens, Greece:

Mediterranean Venture Network:  This group promotes entrepreneurship around the Mediterranean Ocean.

Japan/SF Entrepreneurs:  This group promotes entrepreneurship and cross-investing between Japan and San Francisco.

AsiaHubSF:   This group promotes trade between San Francisco and Asia.

Down-to-Earth – space technology commercialization for sustainable products and services, Sweden,

A Billion Voices – a Sendai tsunami fundraising blog featuring text, photos and videos about disaster recovery.  Post, donate and tell your friends!


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